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In 1993 The Bean Bar was born. It's mission was to create an innovative coffee bar with light fare and it boasted more than 250 international magazines. Within months the customers were requesting that we obtain a liquor license, and so we did. We have always been striving for growth and fresh ideas.

In 2003 we brought in an experienced chef. In so keeping with the Bean Bar's tradition of growth and change, the coffee bar became a full restaurant.

With the support and suggestions from their customers, the Bean Bar has become a full "lifestyle" restaurant. Lifestyle for the Bean Bar represents a restaurant that provides different things for different people at different ages and stages. Have a business lunch; or a snack in the afternoon; perhaps dinner with friends and family; a pre or post cocktail before/after a show; don't forget the perfect atmosphere for a hot date. The Bean Bar offers interesting food with large portions, a wicked selection of desserts, fun colorful alcoholic bevies and a warm staff and atmosphere.

The staff and management represent the ongoing vision of the Bean Bar to serve you, the customer, hoping to keep you coming back for more.

Experience the Bean Bar your way. We look forward to sharing it with you!

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